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[ePrismSoft.COM - Outcome-Driven Compliance Management]

Outcome-Driven Compliance Management System

Business Solutions

For Subcontractors:

Enhanced Business List:
Get your website linked to or even hosted on CertifiedMinorityBiz.com for maximum exposure. Your business benefits more from traffic generated by a specialized portal than just getting a listing from a general engine. Profiles stored with the listings enable fast searching without lots of clicking.

For Prime Contractors & Purchasing Entities:

Advanced Search Capabilities:
You can filter information on the site to meet your specific needs. Full profile data stored for each subcontractor enables the available search criteria to include ethnicity, type of certification, government districts served, geographic location, specific types of equipment owned, bonding status, and previous job history.

Project-Based Communication Lines:
Project-based communications between project owners, prime contractors, subcontractors, project engineers, and whoever else that needs to communicated with can be easily handled with full history. Entities can be brought into and dropped from projects on demand.

Document Delivery:
Deliver any important document reliably, on demand and with proof of delivery.

For Governments:

Centralized Business Registration System:
One point of minority business registration means minimized red tape, improved efficiency of services, and direct cost savings.

For Everyone:

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Sponsors are those who make it possible to bring this service to minority businesses in your community. As a sponsor, you get your logo shown on sponsorship page with a brief narrative about your organization.

Partnership Opportunities:
Partners have unlimited access to use the CertifiedMinorityBiz.com tools to compliment their business procurement process. You also get listed on the Partners Page.