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[ePrismSoft.COM - Outcome-Driven Compliance Management]

Outcome-Driven Compliance Management System

ePrismSoft.com is an on-demand end-to-end management platform enabling dissemination of information and documents, monitoring of minority participation, and tracking of progress toward compliance with established goals. This platform enhances the development of minority businesses in any specific region defined by the user. Only a web browser and internet connection are required for full functionality. Speed, flexibility and returns on your minority program investments are the cornerstones of our solution. We combine best-of-breed web technologies with best practices in minority business development to deliver unprecedented value to all stakeholders in the minority business development space.

Our solutions provide:

Documentation of Due Diligence:
Our platform enables reliable and documented dissemination of any type of information to target entities selected by criteria you specify. We can send bidding documents, policy communications, regulatory notices, outreach programs, critical reminders, or any other information that you need to send to any other group you can define. Our document delivery system enables this by combining the capability to send documents electronically by multiple methods with the ability to record key activities for future reporting or auditing.

End-to-End Management and Tracking of Participation:
Our platform includes comprehensive end-to-end management tools enabling you to track minority participation progress toward your established goals even after your contracts have been awarded to your prime contractors. This ensures you maintain visibility of all subsequent bidding, good faith efforts, and subcontracting activities throughout the life of the project.

Documentation of Good Faith Efforts
Our system retains all bidding communications, contract awards, participation goals, and documentation of relevant activities. This data is made available for any tracking, reporting or auditing purposes.

Improved Communication and Time Savings:
Our system enables project-based communication between project owners, their prime contractors, the various subcontractors, project engineers, and anyone else anyone feels the need to communicate with. We also provide prime contractors with the means to quickly locate qualified minority businesses for any type of business opportunity.

Collaborative Tools for Minority Program Stakeholders:
We provide a means for minority business development stakeholders to engage their constituency at the start of the bidding process, enabling everyone involved to work cooperatively. For project managers this means access to qualified minority business information, including private profiles detailing all pertinent information for streamlining the vendor selection process. This saves time and money.