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[ePrismSoft.COM - Outcome-Driven Compliance Management]

Outcome-Driven Compliance Management System

We suggest you print these instructions and save them for future reference. A link to these instructions can be found in your account options menu. Hold your mouse pointer over the [Manage Account] link at the top of this page to see your account options menu. If this is your first login and you were taken to this page automatically, you should do this now before continuing. Your profile page can be seen in the "View/Edit Your Company Profile" option.

After you update your information, our data-entry team will come along and check your work for any errors or issues and correct it as needed. If you make any changes to your business you should log in again and update your profile, or call and let us know so we can update it ourselves. The quality of the data we have determines the quality and quantity of the opportunities you will receive.

Once you have logged in as described in the message containing your username and password, you will be given the option to view and edit your stored data. To get started, click on this option. Your profile will then be displayed on your screen as the public would see it. Just above the map (or the bottom of the screen if no map was displayed) there will be three links allowing you to customize your index data, private profile, or job list.

Step 1: Click on the "Business Profile" link on your profile page. Your profile page can be seen in the "View/Edit Your Company Profile" option of the [Manage Account] menu. Click on the "Update Business Info" button to see your business information.

Step 2: Check that the name, contact name, and main phone and fax information are correct.
These should be the full name of your business and the name, phone, and fax numbers you want the PUBLIC to use to contact you. If you have a public email address, enter it in the "Main Email" field. Our system will obscure your email address by sending it as an image in your profile. If you have a public website, please type the full address in the "Web Site" field.

Step 3: Check or fill out the demographic and female/veteran checkboxes as applicable.

Step 4: Update the Description field.
There will be some information filled out in the Description field; This data is usually a set of keywords we got from our government data sources. Please replace this with a paragraph describing your type of work in detail.

Step 5: Save your work.
When you are finished editing data, push the "Save" button at the bottom of the form. You will be taken to a page detailing what information was updated and giving a link to return to your profile display. You can click the link to proceed or press your browser's back button to return to the editor. Any changes you make take effect immediately when you press the "Save" button, so feel free to experiment. If you make a mistake, simply press the reload button on your browser to reset the record. Do be careful however, we do not currently have a means to "undo" a change once you have pressed save.

Step 6: Set your notification preferences.
Click on the "Personal Profile" button on your profile page. Select a notification method and specify the notification email and/or fax number in the "Notify Fax" and "Notify Email" fields. This information selects where we will send documents. It won't be shown to the public. We prefer email over fax delivery due to the additional flexibility email offers. Use email if at all possible. When you are finished, click on the "Save" button. 

Step 7: Check and correct the address information for your sites at the top of the form.
If we do not have all of your sites listed, please add the ones we do not have. If you add an extraneous site by accident, please contact us and we will remove it for you. There is no delete function provided. We felt it was too easy to accidentally delete a site. If you have a PO box instead of a physical location, make sure the "Site Type" field is set to "Mail Only". Site locations are used to determine whether you should receive documents addressed to a specific city or geographical area, so if you are located in a different city than your PO box, you should try to add a site in the city you are located in to ensure you get documents for your home city.

Step 8: Select the categories relevant to your business.
At the bottom of the index form, next to the "Save" button, click on the "Edit Categories" link. This brings up a list of checkboxes for each category our system knows about. Simply click on the categories relevant to you, or uncheck the ones irrelevant to you if we checked the wrong ones. We had a computer try to guess which categories you should be in based on the description keywords we were given, but it's far from perfect. If you can't find the category you should be in, let us know and we can add it. The category list is subject to change based on feedback from our other users, so we will probably be adding or changing categories around until we find the list that best suits everyone.

Step 9: Create a Private Profile.
Once you are satisfied with your index data, you may create your private profile. The information in the private profile is protected against public access; Only specific organizations that we give permission to view private profile information can see it. Currently this is only viewable by authorized prime contractors and government entities. The reason we ask for this information is to allow authorized organizations to search for DBEs with certain equipment or other special qualifications such as bonding level that rely on information you may not want public. If you feel this information is too risky to provide, you do not have to provide it, but this means anyone who searches for these private criteria will not find your business in their search results. Feel free to provide as much or as little information as you see fit.

Step 10: Optional - Create a Job List.
The same restrictions apply to the "Job List" items. This form is currently incomplete. Filling this out is optional. Later we will be using this area to keep a history of jobs you have completed and a list of jobs you have won but not yet completed. This information will be searchable by the authorized organizations mentioned above.

Step 11: Change your Password.
If you haven't already, you should change your password to something you will remember. To do this, click on the [Login] link at the top of any page to return to your options menu, then click the "Manage Login Settings" option. Type a new password into the two blanks provided and push "Save". Make sure you remember your new password! Your password is encrypted before it is stored on our server, so we do not have the ability to recover your password if you lose it. You would have to call our office and speak with our staff to have your password changed and your access restored.