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Peoria - PeAP List

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AFE Construction, LLC 
Contact: Monica Arbuckle
Phone: 3092083094
Email: monica@afeconstruction.net
Website: http://www.afeconstruction.net

Description: AFE Construction is a certified Women Owned Small Business (WOSB), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) and Business Enterprise Program (BEP) company and is a leading Construction Management and General Contractor in central Illinois.Decatur - WBE expiring August 24th, 2025
Decatur - MBE expiring August 24th, 2025
Champaign - WBE expiring August 25th, 2025
Champaign - MBE expiring August 25th, 2025
Champaign - SBA expiring August 24th, 2025
Peoria - SBA expiring August 24th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 25th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 25th, 2025
Services: Project Management; Services: Management Consulting; 
Services: Painting; Services: General Contracting; 
Services: Building Construction; Services: Carpentry; 
Services: Roofing; Services: Construction Management; 
Services: General Construction; Services: Training - Managerial/Personnel
Amigos 1 Inc--Amigos Auto Repair 
Contact: Rudy Sanchez
Phone: 309-671-9981
Email: amigos.auto.repair1@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: Replace engines & transmissions, heating & A/C repair, Tires, suspension & brakes and exhaust, Auto body repair, dent / scratch repair / removal, auto paint repair, paintless dent repair (PDR), bumper repair, and more.Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Category: Misc: Automotive
Better 2 Maintain, LLC
Contact: Denise Neumann
Phone: 309-444-4288
Email: better2maintain@yahoo.com
Website: None

Description: The principal business activity of Better 2 Maintain, LLC is Construction/Residential Remodeling.Peoria - SBA expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Misc: Air Conditioning; Misc: Real Estate; 
Misc: Airports; Misc: Concrete; 
Misc: Crack Seal/Coating; Misc: Fencing; 
Misc: Flooring; Misc: Gutters; 
Misc: Materials Broker; Misc: Recreational; 
Services: Air Duct Cleaning; Services: Asphalt Pavement; 
Services: Building Construction; Services:  Building Maintenance; 
Services: Carpentry; Services: Construction Management; 
Services: Demolition; Services: Drilling; 
Services: Drywall; Supplies: Painting Supplies; 
Supplies: Lumber; Supplies: Insulation Supplies; 
Supplies: Electrical Supplies; Supplies: Concrete; 
Services: Window Treatment; Services: Window Shades & Blinds; 
Services: Structural Engineering; Services: Electrical Contracting; 
Services: Erection; Services: Excavation; 
Services: General Construction; Services: General Contracting; 
Services: Guardrail; Services: Heating; 
Services: Home remodeling & additions; Services: Home Repair; 
Services: Painting; Services: Pavement Patching; 
Services: Plumbing; Services: Property Management; 
Services: Ready Mix; Services: Rebar Placement; 
Services: Roofing
Contact: Dexter Davis
Phone: 309-824-9211
Email: dexterdavis2@aol.com
Website: None

IL BEP - MBE expired July 19th, 2019
Decatur - MBE expiring February 1st, 2025
Champaign - MBE expiring February 4th, 2025
PHA - MBE expired May 7th, 2022
MDOT - DBE expired May 21st, 2019
Peoria - MBE expiring September 19th, 2025
Services: Landscaping; Services: Snow Removal; 
Services: Seeding & Sodding
Cafe Santa Rosa LTD
Contact: Marta Vidal
Phone: 309-214-9255
Email: customercare@cafesantarosa.com
Website: http://www.cafesantarosa.CO

Description: Specialty Colombian coffee, growers, importers, sellers: From Farm to Cup. Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Category: Services: Food & Catering
Contact: Calisha D. Greer
Phone: 309-210-9113
Email: Calianag1@gmail.com
Website: http://www.Calianag.com

Description: Hello, my name is CalianaG. I am a Voiceover Artist specializing in radio/tv/online advertising, automated systems, storytelling, education tutorials, ASMR, if you need a voice, I can bring your words to life! I have pricing available for the following: Voiceover Only Voiceover with Digital Content Add ons include pictures, videos, music. Each order includes 1 free revision. I have years of radio/online advertising experience. Willing to travel.Peoria - MBE expiring August 18th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Telecommunications; Misc: Public Art; 
Misc: Public Relations; Misc: Promotional/Marketing
Connie's Commercial Cleaning Company, LLC 
Contact: Constance Robinson
Phone: 309-622-2409
Email: Constance@conniescommercialcleaning.com
Website: http://www.conniescommercialcleaning.com

Description: We offer construction companies final clean, and post-construction cleanup services on their building projects. We've serviced STATE, FEDERAL, and private building projects throughout the State of Illinois.IL BEP - MBE expired November 30th, 2022
Decatur - WBE expiring August 9th, 2025
Decatur - MBE expiring August 9th, 2025
Champaign - WBE expiring August 9th, 2025
Champaign - MBE expiring August 9th, 2025
IL BEP - WBE expired November 30th, 2022
Champaign - SBA expiring August 9th, 2025
Peoria - SBA expiring August 9th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services:  Building Maintenance; Services: Janitorial; 
Supplies: Janitorial; Services: General Contracting; 
Services: Building Construction
CSE Software inc.
Contact: Renee Gorrell
Phone: 3096707595
Email: wbe@csesoftware.com
Website: https://www.csesoftware.com/

Description: CSE creates digital solutions that fit our customer’s exact needs using the appropriate technology for each project. Enterprise software, simulation, and cloud development are our core development strengths. We offer 24x7 customer support for our own products and our client's​ products. Decatur - WBE expiring August 19th, 2025
Champaign - WBE expiring August 19th, 2025
Champaign - SBA expiring August 19th, 2025
Peoria - SBA expiring August 19th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 23rd, 2025
Category: Services: Information Technology
Cupcake Diva, LLC
Contact: Toni Young
Phone: 3096577609
Email: younger491970@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: We are a cupcake and treat business that specialize in making every bite one to remember.Peoria - SBA expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 18th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 23rd, 2025
Category: Services: Food & Catering
Contact: Derrick DeWayne Harris
Phone: 3094126761
Email: gd7530@yahoo.com
Website: None

Description: DH20,LLC is a trucking and hauling business. We provide opportunities for truckers to earn and learn.Peoria - SBA expiring August 9th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Trucking; Services: Transportation Planning/Consulting
Diamond Medical Staffing
Contact: Kenny Wyatt
Phone: 1-866-687-7309
Email: kennywyatt@diamondmedicalstaffing.org
Website: http://diamondmedicalstaffing.org

Description: We are a medical staffing agency that offers licensed medical staff to facilities with staffing issues. We are a local company with a licensed practical nurse as the owner operator. Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Health Care; Services: Personnel & Staffing
Drummond Construction . LLC
Contact: Charles Drummond
Phone: 309-643-2757
Email: drummondcharles9@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: Drummond Construction. LLC is a construction business that provides planning, designing, or building of sewage treatment works projects, stormwater treatment projects, or nonpoint source projects. Construction activities include, but are not limited to, the following: Mowing, snow removal, HVAC and energy efficient installation. Assistance and weatherization support for nonprofits organization are also provided for youth and adults. Peoria - MBE expiring March 22nd, 2026
Services: Property Management; Services: Landscaping; 
Services: Snow Removal; Services: Project Management; 
Services: Pavement Patching; Services: Welding; 
Services: Management Consulting; Services: Construction Inspection; 
Services: Janitorial; Services: Painting; 
Services: Home Repair; Services: General Contracting; 
Services: Paving; Services: Drywall; 
Misc: Land Surveys; Misc: Air Conditioning; 
Supplies: Electrical Supplies; Services: Home remodeling & additions; 
Services: Window Treatment; Services: Construction Management; 
Services: General Construction; Services: Tree Removal
Each1 Reach1 Peoria
Contact: Stephanie Irving
Phone: 309-213-0837
Email: each1reach1peoria@gmail.com
Website: https://www.each1reach1peoria.com/

Description: Perform community outreach to disadvantaged families with mentoring, food, clothing, and assistance to avoid unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Educational Consulting; Services: Food & Catering; 
Misc: Public Relations; Supplies: Safety Supplies; 
Misc: Promotional/Marketing
Ethel Elizabeth Pates Beauty of Gifts
Contact: Ethel Elizabeth Pates
Phone: 309-430-9880
Email: ethelpates7@gmail.com
Website: http://www.yourlivesmatteroutreachministry.webador.com

Description: Custom made gift baskets, memorial wreaths, and silk flower arrangements for any occasionPeoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Categories: None
Fire & Ice - Royalty's Fun Ice
Contact: ShaNara Harris
Phone: 3094203475
Email: royaltysfunice@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/FireFunIce

Description: We create iced beverages that are like no other. From individuals orders to events, we have you covered. Ask about of drinks, treats, carnival style food and more. We are the home of Fun Ice, Adult Ice, Nothing But The Dogs, Taste Seasoning and more.Peoria - SBA expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Food & Catering; Misc: Bakery
Foundational Skills Progress thru Projects, LLC
Contact: Denise M. Neumann
Phone: None
Email: None
Website: None

Description: Foundational Skills Progress thru Projects (FSPP) is a 16-week Life Construction Intervention Development Program targeted towards at-risk young adults ages 18 to 26. The program is designed to engage, empower, and support each program participant with a set of foundational skills to become individuals with the mind sets and vocational skill sets needed to succeed in life. Through the completion of community service projects, basic hands-on home maintenance and repair services skills development, peer collaboration, Jobs for Life exercises, and successful completion of the five (5) “Foundational Skills” core components: 1.) Conflict Management, 2.) Integrity & Ethics, 3.) Money Management, 4.) Teamwork & Collaboration, and 5.) Time Management, and adult mentoring. Through FSPP program participants will transform learning to become gainfully employed, self-supporting, productive individuals. Each 16-week program session will include several speaker presentations and field trips.Peoria - SBA expiring August 31st, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring September 1st, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring September 1st, 2025
Category: Services: Educational Consulting
G.A. Rich & Sons, Inc.
Contact: Tammy Rich Stimson
Phone: 309-447-6231
Email: None
Website: None

Description: Mechanical Contractor specializing in Commercial Plumbing, Process Piping, Site Utilities, Hydro Excavation and Line StopsChampaign - WBE expiring September 14th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring September 29th, 2025
Services: Sewer & Drainage; Services: Plumbing
Hairadox LLC
Contact: Aishah Bilal-Ali
Phone: 3093393465
Email: hairadox1@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hairadox.com

Description: Hairadox LLC is a certified SDVOSB. We are also a minority, woman owned small business that provides training, educational and recreational services as well as provide office supplies and safety products.Peoria - SBA expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 18th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 23rd, 2025
Services: Educational Consulting; Supplies: Office Supplies; 
Supplies: Safety Supplies; Services: Training - Managerial/Personnel
Heart Of Illinois Cleaning  LLC
Contact: Dashina Austin
Phone: 309-431-1720
Email: ofilhearts@gmail.com
Website: http://cleaningheart.com

Description: Janitorial Cleaning Service Decatur - WBE expiring August 25th, 2025
Decatur - MBE expiring August 25th, 2025
Champaign - WBE expiring August 25th, 2025
Champaign - MBE expiring August 25th, 2025
Champaign - SBA expiring August 25th, 2025
Peoria - SBA expiring August 25th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring September 1st, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring September 1st, 2025
Services: Janitorial; Supplies: Janitorial
Higher Calling Enterprises, LLC
Contact: Barry Anderson
Phone: 309-360-5500
Email: hce4safety@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: Firearm instruction (safety and license) training. Voiceover for commercial, training, etc.Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Misc: Promotional/Marketing; Services: Safety Training/Consulting; 
Services: Training - Managerial/Personnel
Illini Supply, Inc.
Contact: Deborah Born
Phone: 217-877-6551
Email: customerservice@illinisupply.com
Website: http://www.illinisupply.com

Description: Contract School and Office FurnishingsDecatur - WBE expiring December 20th, 2025
Champaign - WBE expiring December 21st, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring January 23rd, 2026
Supplies: Office Furniture; Misc: Flooring
Interservices Company of Illinois
Phone: 3092149247
Email: interservices@comcast.net
Website: None

Description: Language translation and interpretation servicesPeoria - MBE expiring September 19th, 2025
Services: Educational Consulting; Services: Translating/Interpreter
iSincerelyWish Candle Co
Contact: iSincerelyWish Candles Co
Phone: 7732972317
Email: isincerelywishcandles@gmail.com
Website: http://isincerelywishcandles.com

Description: iSincerelyWish Candle Company is an Illinois-based fragrance and 100% pure soy wax candle company owned, operated, and hand-poured by Lanada Cunningham. Our candles are charged, cleansed, and sent to customers with positive intentions. Scented candles can help you relax, feel calm, energized, and productive. The owner of iSincerelyWish Candle Co has decided to mix candle-making, a fun team building activity with fundraising, to help local organizations in the Central Illinois Area. The fundraising opportunity is open to any school, religious group, sports team, community organization, or charitable organization. Our company also offers basic candle-making classes to the youth to teach them entry-level fundamentals of running their own candle company as young entrepreneurs. iSincerelyWish is here to help you Make Candles for your Cause! If you enjoy natural aroma-driven mood enhancers, these candles are suitable for you!Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Educational Consulting; Misc: Public Art; 
Misc: Recreational
Contact: Johnny Jorden
Phone: 30099960725
Email: info@itsavibepeoria.com
Website: http://www.itsavibepeoria.com

Description: We are an interactive do it yourself content creation studio where customers can utilize over 26 different themed booths to take picture, create brand content, social media content.Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Misc: Public Art; Services: Photography; 
Misc: Recreational
JB Transportation and Logistics, LLC
Contact: Christina Benton
Phone: 16304742720
Email: info@jbtransportlog.com
Website: http://www.jbtransportlog.com

Description: The primary functions of this business are: Project Management, Freight Movement, Freight Logistics, Carrier Support Services, sub- contracting. Decatur - WBE expiring June 11th, 2025
Decatur - MBE expiring May 2nd, 2025
Champaign - WBE expiring May 2nd, 2025
Champaign - MBE expiring May 2nd, 2025
Champaign - SBA expiring July 19th, 2025
Peoria - SBA expiring October 20th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring September 1st, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring September 1st, 2025
Services: Trucking; Services: Property Management; 
Services: Distribution/Warehousing; Services: Urban Planning; 
Services: Project Management; Misc: Research; 
Misc: Traffic Control; Services: Management Consulting; 
Misc: Automotive; Services: General Contracting; 
Misc: Real Estate; Misc: Route Surveys; 
Misc: Land Surveys; Misc: Car Wash; 
Misc: Recreational; Services: Safety Training/Consulting; 
Services: Transportation Planning/Consulting; Services: Training - Managerial/Personnel
JD Traffic,Inc
Contact: Jordan Dietrich
Phone: 309-966-4494
Email: jordan@jd-traffic.com
Website: None

Description: Traffic Control Company in Central ILPeoria - WBE expiring March 22nd, 2026
Category: Misc: Traffic Control
Johnson Mechanical Service, Inc.
Contact: Dallas Young
Phone: 309-346-3434
Email: dyoung@jmsinc.net
Website: http://www.johnsonfoodservice.com

Description: Commercial Foodservice Equipment Sales, Installations, and Repairs.Decatur - WBE expiring August 26th, 2025
Champaign - WBE expiring August 26th, 2025
IL BEP - WBE expiring August 23rd, 2023
Champaign - SBA expiring August 26th, 2025
Peoria - SBA expiring August 26th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring September 1st, 2025
Services:  Building Maintenance; Supplies: Janitorial; 
Misc: Air Conditioning; Misc: Materials Broker
Law' N Order Academy INC.
Contact: Lueshand Nunn
Phone: 309-648-7769
Email: lawnorderacademy@yahoo.com
Website: None

Description: Law'N Order Academy seeks to develop a beloved community by providing mental health support, strong leadership, resources and opportunities. Our goal is to put individuals first through our mentorship program, survivors support, re - entry and workforce development utilizing the trauma informed care approach. Peoria - MBE expiring March 9th, 2026
Services: Educational Consulting; Misc: Fencing; 
Services: Health Care; Services: Management Consulting; 
Misc: Real Estate; Services: Tree Removal; 
Services: Legal
Law Office of Susan O'Neal
Contact: Susan O'Neal
Phone: (309) 412-9500
Email: susan@attorneysusanoneal.com
Website: http://www.attorneysusanoneal.com

Description: Law office, representing poor and disabled persons.Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Category: Services: Legal
Contact: Gregory Wilson
Phone: 513-578-4409
Email: greg.wilson513@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: LMMHM CONSULTING, LLC provides marketing services.Peoria - SBA expiring January 21st, 2026
Peoria - MBE expiring January 23rd, 2026
Category: Misc: Promotional/Marketing
Lost Art Design & Print, LTD.
Contact: Danielle Laroche
Phone: 309-265-0547
Email: hello@lostartdesigns.com
Website: http://www.lostartdesigns.com

Description: Print & Design studio located in North Peoria. Lost Art specializes in graphic design, screen print, print marketing, event branding, stationery, promotions, and small to mid-size format.Peoria - SBA expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Graphic Design; Services: Signage; 
Misc: Printing; Misc: Promotional/Marketing; 
Services: Uniforms/Embroidery/Alteration; Supplies: Clothing
Mattress by Appointment Peoria
Contact: Lamont Carroll
Phone: 3099896852
Email: lamontcarroll69@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: selling mattresses 50%-80% below retail. Same day delivery. $1 down financing.Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Distribution/Warehousing; Services: Financial; 
Services: Moving/Delivery
Naka Technologies, LLC.
Contact: Anil Jagtiani
Phone: 646-921-5780
Email: lcm@nakatech.com
Website: http://www.nakatech.com

Description: NAKA, a minority-owned company, headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, is a leading North American IT solutions provider focused on Assessments, Cybersecurity, Managed Services, Strategic Consulting, Staffing Services, and Cloud Enablement. We deliver this technology expertise through a full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services.Peoria - MBE expiring January 23rd, 2026
Services: Telecommunications; Services: Information Technology; 
Services: Personnel & Staffing; Misc: Data; 
Supplies: Office Supplies
Natural Vybez Only
Contact: Kathlyn Reed
Phone: 3093403037
Email: nvybezonly@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: Art & Photography Health & Beauty Product provider Spiritual Guidance & CounselingPeoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Graphic Design; Misc: Public Art; 
Services: Food & Catering; Services: Photography; 
Misc: Promotional/Marketing
Nerevu Group, LLC
Contact: Reuben Cummings
Phone: 2347382266
Email: rcummings@nerevu.com
Website: https://www.nerevu.com

Description: Nerevu Group (pronounced {nay-RAY-voo}) is a data analytics firm that helps organizations uncover the insights hidden in their real-time data. With a focus on development, data intelligence, and data strategy, we usher our clients into the data-driven future by automating manual processes, simplifying business analytics, and integrating data silos. Peoria - MBE expiring August 18th, 2025
Services: Information Technology; Services: Management Consulting
Origin Repurposed, LLC
Contact: Susan O'Neal
Phone: (309) 339-8378
Email: skoneal90@gmail.com
Website: http://www.originrepurposed.com

Description: Retail store offering gifts, art, and home products. Online store on website. For holidays packages are available for large purchases and in-person delivery to downtown Peoria. We also ship anywhere in the U.S.Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Category: Misc: Public Art
Pamesh Soft Play LLC
Contact: Lamesha Turner
Phone: 3093276589
Email: bookpamesh@gmail.com
Website: https://pamesh-llc.square.site/

Description: Pamesh soft play is a Peoria, IL base kids entertainment mobile Soft Play set up service. We cater to kids ages 1-5 for Soft Play equipment rentals. Our offering includes but not limited to 1. Bouncy House 2. Bouncy Animals 3. Ball Pit 4. Slides 5. Bumper Cars, etcPeoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Category: Misc: Sales & Rental Material Handling Equipment
Passie Custom Designs
Contact: Malinda Woods
Phone: 309-231-0854
Email: malindawoodz@yahoo.ie
Website: None

Description: Custom designs for personal and business use. Including but not limited to: t-shirts, pillows, planners, journals, key chains, cups, and more. Peoria - MBE expiring September 24th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring September 24th, 2025
Services: Direct Marketing; Services: Graphic Design; 
Misc: Printing; Supplies: Office Supplies; 
Misc: Promotional/Marketing; Supplies: Clothing
Peoria Metro Construction, Inc.
Contact: Tom Meischner
Phone: 309-671-1466
Email: info@peoriametro.com
Website: http://www.peoriametro.com

Description: General ContractorPeoria - WBE expiring January 23rd, 2026
Services: Demolition; Services: General Contracting; 
Services: Building Construction; Services: Carpentry; 
Services: Construction Management; Services: General Construction
Premier Events and Rentals LLC
Contact: Johnny and LaToya Jorden
Phone: 309-989-7907
Email: info@premiereventsandrentals.com
Website: http://linktr.ee/premiereventsandrentals

Description: Luxury event essentialsPeoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Photography; Misc: Public Relations; 
Misc: Promotional/Marketing; Misc: Recreational
Rainforcing Roofing and Exteriors
Contact: Alejandra Ruiz
Phone: 3096482669
Email: Rainforcing.roof2022@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: Roofing Exteriors Gutters sidingPeoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Misc: Gutters; Services: Insulation; 
Services: Roofing
Reign Construction
Contact: Bridget Booker
Phone: 309-495-7982 OFFICE 309-750-4846 CELL

Description: IRONWORK AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTIONPeoria - WBE expiring January 23rd, 2026
Services:  Building Maintenance; Misc: Concrete; 
Services: Welding; Services: Rebar Placement; 
Services: Bridge Work; Services: Building Construction; 
Services: Steel Erection; Services: General Construction
Reliable Lawn Care
Contact: Vida Johnson
Phone: 3096430112
Email: support@dvsnow.com
Website: http://dvsnow.com

Description: Our goal is to provide excellent services to our clients by creating beautiful lawns and landscapes. Our continued plan is to grow our business to provide better opportunities for our employees, serve more clients and improve the community we live in. Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services:  Building Maintenance; Services: Property Management; 
Services: Landscaping; Services: Snow Removal; 
Services: Seeding & Sodding; Misc: Flowers; 
Services: Moving/Delivery; Services: Tree Removal
Reservations LLC
Contact: Jeremy Washum
Phone: 973-281-6463
Email: reservations.eats@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: Reservations is a startup catering company founded initially in 2018 and incorporated in 2022 by Owner Jeremy Washum. Previously servicing groups of up to 70 guests and currently in contract for a group of 250 guests, Reservations takes pride in utilizing the freshest ingredients with some being sourced from local producers when available with artisan techniques in order to not compromise quality. We currently provide on and offsite catering which includes food as well as hospitality services as needed to smaller private functions and larger, public events. We have a company goal to extend the brand to a small brick and mortar location and a mobile unit that will both heavily utilize web and app technology to efficiently drive daily traffic to maintain the highest level of quality of our menu selections. Each extension of Reservations will offer brand familiar menu items while also providing different culinary experiences at various functions. We believe that creating a strong brand will allow for cross marketing between each extension while also reducing the potential for over saturation.Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Misc: Airport Concessions; Services: Food & Catering; 
Misc: Recreational
Rising Edge Investments LLC
Contact: Datikka T Peebles
Phone: None
Email: None
Website: None

Description: Real estate investmentPeoria - MBE expiring September 29th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring September 29th, 2025
Category: Misc: Real Estate
She-Pop Gourmet Popcorn LLC
Contact: Shelia Marshall
Phone: 309-648-2682
Email: sgp.shepop@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: Gourmet Popcorn. Authentic Flavors. Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Category: Services: Food & Catering
Simply Complete Enterprises, LLC
Contact: ShaNara Harris
Phone: 3094203475
Email: simplycomplete100@gmail.com
Website: http://www.simplycompleteonline.com

Description: Simply Complete Enterprises, LLC is a public relations firm that provides a full PR experience to our clients. We offer additional services such as business services, entity formation, assistant services, notary services, workshops, graphics, printing and more.Peoria - SBA expiring August 9th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Graphic Design; Services: Project Management; 
Misc: Public Relations
Tate and Sons Flooring and Cleaning Services LLC
Contact: Johnnie T. Jones
Phone: 3094334061
Email: tateandsons47@gmail.com
Website: http://www.tateandsonscleaning.com

Description: Tate & Sons Flooring and Cleaning Services is a company committed to offering professional and detailed cleaning services for our customers. We would like to partner with you to handle your commercial and residential cleaning needs. We are a premier cleaning service that offers specialized care with affordable prices.Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Janitorial; Services: Building Construction; 
Misc: Flooring; Misc: Car Wash
Tequilaria Wine & Spirits
Contact: Christell Frausto
Phone: 3093494636
Email: Tequilariapeoria@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: TequilaRia Wine & Spirits - Liquor Store 3504 N Prospect Road Peoria IL 61603 At Tequilaria we carry a wide selection of spirits, wine, and beer in Peoria IL. We offer discount packages for company gifts, events, non-profits, delivery, bar tending, and much more. Contact Christell for quotes or questionsPeoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Food & Catering; Misc: Recreational
The Law Offices of Yolanda J. Riley, LLC
Contact: Yolanda Riley
Phone: 3096432355
Email: info@yolandarileylaw.com
Website: http://www.yolandarileylaw.com

Description: Law OfficePeoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Category: Services: Legal
The Lite At The End Of The Tunnel, Inc.
Contact: Derrick Dewayne Harris
Phone: 3094279661
Email: theliteattheendofthetunnel@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: The Lite At The End of the Tunnel Community Outreach, Inc. is a 501©3 nonprofit based out of Peoria, IL. Our mission is to promote the wellness and positive growth of the youth. We do this by tackling not just the needs of the youth, but family and individual obstacles directly related to the youth and community. By implementing activities and programs that will assist with eliminating hardships, ensure healthy lifestyles, education readiness and community outreach, we all can see the light. Peoria - SBA expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Management Consulting; Services: Financial; 
Services: Personnel & Staffing
The Queen of Squash
Contact: Heather Wolbeck
Phone: 309-670-0948
Email: thequeenofsquash@gmail.com
Website: http://www.thequeenofsquash.com

Description: The Queen of Squash is a restaurant and market serving healthy, fast casual food. It specializes in GF, Vegan, hole30 and diabetic friendly food options. Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Category: Services: Food & Catering
Uniquely Flawless LLC
Contact: Sharry Binion
Phone: 3094032516
Email: ssbinion31@yahoo.com
Website: None

Description: Eyelash extension service and product sales. Peoria - SBA expiring September 28th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring September 29th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring September 29th, 2025
Categories: None
Upgraded MindsetZ LLC
Contact: Kisha Woods
Phone: 773-340-2823
Email: coachkaywds@upgradedmindsetz.life
Website: http://www.upgradedmindsetz.life

Description: Upgraded MindsetZ offers supportive programs and resources for women ready to work towards establishing personal growth habits, with transformational tools to successfully help them elevate their personal and entrepreneurial goals.Peoria - SBA expiring August 11th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 19th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring September 1st, 2025
Services: Direct Marketing; Services: Management Consulting; 
Misc: Data; Misc: Public Relations; 
Misc: Promotional/Marketing
Visions By Flavis, LLC
Contact: Megan M Riley
Phone: 13092561358
Email: visionsbyflavis95@gmail.com
Website: http://visionsbyflavis.com

Description: We sale urban streetwear and art. With the target audience between 18 and 35. Peoria - MBE expiring August 18th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 23rd, 2025
Category: Supplies: Clothing
V. Marie Creations
Contact: Brittney Taylor
Phone: 414-909-0072
Email: Vmariecreations1@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: We are a candle creating and fragrance business. We specialize in making any room smell amazing with essential oils to decompress, energize, calm and more. Peoria - SBA expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - MBE expiring August 18th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 23rd, 2025
Category: Services: Manufacturing
Westside Environmental Plan of Action Committee
Contact: D Doc McClellon
Phone: 309-472-0452
Email: wepac01@yahoo.com
Website: None

Description: Environmental training and instructor of lead abatement. Certified by EPA and IL Department of Public Health. Peoria - MBE expiring March 9th, 2026
Services: Environmental Consulting; Services: Painting; 
Services: Safety Training/Consulting
Will Heating & Cooling LLC
Contact: Dallas Williams
Phone: 309-839-5280
Email: dallaswilliams73@gmail.com
Website: None

Description: Heating and cooling services. We install air conditioners.Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Services: Heating; Misc: Air Conditioning
World On Wheels Segway Tours and Bike Rides
Contact: Lynnette Lee
Phone: (309) 453-0916
Email: worldonwheels1@yahoo.com
Website: http://worldonwheelspeoria.com

Description: Recreational and Sports Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Category: Misc: Recreational
Your Lives Matter Outreach Ministry
Contact: Ethel Elizabeth Pates
Phone: 309-430-9880
Email: ethelpates7@gmail.com
Website: http://www.yourlivesmatteroutreachministry.webador.com

Description: A non-profit ministry to reach the unreachable and bring hope to the homeless. Your Lives Matter Outreach Ministry works on the frontlines assist in meeting basic needs with referrals to resources in the community.Peoria - MBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Peoria - WBE expiring August 10th, 2025
Categories: None