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Business Information Name: Action Bag Company
This is a Female-Owned Business

Contact: Judy Zimmerman
Phone: (800) 824-2247
Fax: (630) 766-2063
Email: info@actionbag.com
Website: None

Location: 1001 Entry Drive, Bensenville IL 60106
Business DescriptionMARKETING SERVICES;Ceramic and Glass Objects;Badges, Buttons, Emblems, and ID Cards, Celluloid and Plastic: Student, Faculty, Membership, Employee, etc.;Card Holders, All Types (See Class 578 for Metal);Convention Badges and Name Tags, Adhesive Back;Convention Badges and Name Tags, Nonadhesive type;Nameplates, Metal, Adhesive Back;Nameplates, Metal, Nonadhesive;Bagging, Burlap (For Baling Cotton);Bags, Burlap or Jute;Bags, Canvas or Duck (Except Mail);Bags, Muslin;Bags, Osnaburg;Bags, Sand;Ties For Bags and Cotton Bales;Air Bags, Rescue Lifting Systems;Cords and Ropes Including Accessories: Cotton, Manila, Nylon, Sisal, etc.;Water Bags, Cans, Jugs, and Kegs;Disposal Systems, Nonreusable (For Blades, Needles, Syringes, etc.);Rubber, Fabric, and Plastic Goods: Cadaver Bags and Shrouds, Ice Bags, Sheeting, Tubing, Water Bottles, etc.;Sterilizing Supplies: Biohazard Bags, Indicators, Sterilizing Tapes, Tubes, Wraps, etc.;Bags, Laundry, Cloth;Cash Register Paper;Bags and Boxes: Pollinating, Seed, and Soil Sampling; and Seed Germination Paper;Corrugated Boxes and Sheets (Including Fillers);Multiwall Paper Bags;Packing List Envelopes (Plastic and Paper), Self Adhesive;Laminating Presses, Film, ID Pouches, and Supplies;Polyethylene Bags, Self-Sealing, Reclosable;Bomb Protection Devices and Supplies;Evidence Bags, Containers and Supplies;Guns, Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns;Tape, Gummed Kraft and Reinforced Paper;Bags, Bedding
Certification InformationChicago - WBE certification expiring on June 1st, 2009
Cook County - WBE certification expiring on July 29th, 2015