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Business Information Name: Brunt Bros. Transfer, Inc.
This is an African American-Owned Business

Contact: Jesse J. Brunt
Phone: 773-955-3700
Fax: 773-955-3703
Email: bruntbros@sbcglobal.net
Website: None

Location: 1220 East 75th Street, Chicago IL 60619
Business DescriptionSewer Pipe Cleaning Machines, Power Driven; and Parts;Sewer/Catch Basin Cleaning Body and Equipment;Transportation of Goods (Freight);Hauling Services;Solid or Liquid Waste Disposal (Including Management Services) (See 962-45 for Hazardous Waste Disposal)
Certification InformationIL - DBE certification expiring on February 4th, 2015
Chicago - MBE certification expiring on August 1st, 2009
Chicago - DBE certification expiring on September 1st, 2013