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Business Information Name: Wirehead Technology
This is an African American Female-Owned Business

Contact: Howard Lee
Phone: 773-944-1365
Fax: 801-904-6522
Email: wireheadtec@gmail.com
Website: http://www.wireheadtec.bravehost.com

Location: 1207 W. Leland Ave #320, Chicago IL 60640
Business DescriptionSince 2000 Wirehead Technology has provided mobile and wireless consulting, training, and application development for small and medium business in the healthcare, manufacturing, and government sector on the state and local level. Anywhere mobile and wireless services are critical to your business operations Wirehead Technology has the products and services to meet your mobile needs. Wirehead Technology will help your enterprise understand how mobile technology will change how you do business in this emerging market.
Certification InformationUS - HubZone certification expiring on November 30th, 2006