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Business Information Name: Illini Fire Equipment, Inc.
This is a Female-Owned Business

Contact: Amy Lewis
Phone: 217-367-9521
Fax: 217-367-1837
Email: info@illinifire.com
Website: http://illinifire.com

1709 West Washington, Bloomington IL 61701
804 East Maple, Robinson IL 62454
2801 North Lincoln Avencue, Urbana IL 61802
Business DescriptionSales and service of hand portable fire extinguishers and kitchen fire suppression systems. High pressure hydro-testing, CO2 refill, other fire protection equipment.
Certification InformationChampaign - WBE certification expiring on March 22nd, 2026
IL BEP - WBE certification expiring on February 16th, 2022